Job Map: New and Better Way to Find a Career


Game Changer

Why do people choose the job search sites they use? Is it because they’re far more simple? Maybe it has features that the others don’t have? Or maybe the user doesn’t feel like going to multiple sites to simple submit their resume? Who knows right?

I created and designed the ideal job search iOS app that would appeal to an audience that are looking for all the things they need in one place when finding a career. With the job market constantly evolving with new careers, younger workers and with an economy playing a huge role in today’s society, Job Map can and will be an app that can give users what they’ve always wanted in a job app.


Behind Every Design Is a Purpose


This app came about from my personal life and experience with finding the ideal career within my hometown Nashville. I was working a job that required me to drive very far and spending too much time in my car was getting to me. While looking for new work for a better commute, I noticed myself constantly going back and forth between browser windows to enter in locations into google maps to see the commute time and also searching additional info like salary and job description. I was tired of the back and forth and then it hit me, “Why not give


More to Come.