UX Case Study

The Problem

After observing users over an extensive period of time and note taking, I found the app's problems revolving from interaction and safety. I took into account of various features that the app, was missing out on given the complaints from the users as I listened to them. Some of these problems contributed to the loss of users; down below are the main issues that users were having (high to low):

The Goal

Build and design interactive solutions on existing UI to improve user experience for all users and users to come.


The app's target audience are young and middle-aged adults; the users are from all over the world, this data was observed given users' profiles and users mentioning their age. Predominately all the users use the app via mobile, both iOS and Android. There is a very small percentage of users who use Clubhouse's desktop app ClubDeck. Desktop users were rare to come by, but those users always indicated that they were on the Desktop surprisingly.


I began my process with the users to identify who I'll be targeting, and from there I began to listen to understand what was triggering bad emotions among the users while they were in their natural settings. I was looking for frustrations and seeing what was triggering certain behaviors in users. Identifying the problems I found, I was able to sketch ideas and get right to designing quickly given that I already had an existing UI to build on top of.

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