CARMAX: Social Media Redesigned


This project came about when I was in the market of a new car and I was browsing Instagram to find dealerships and used car companies to see if they were running promos or any specials for that matter, but alas only promos of new car lots had the social media posts at the time. After a bad search, I suddenly thought of big names who sold used cars and I instantly thought of Carmax because of their cheesy and comical commercials they generally had running on Youtube and Television.

I searched Carmax and came across their Instagram account and I was disappointed at what I saw. I felt like it was a baby that was abandoned. I know dealerships and businesses have different visions for their social media accounts, but I always look at things from a business standpoint. Working for a company, I don’t want to limit myself to one or a few avenues of revenue. I always want to stay ahead of the game, stay on top of trends, and pulling in as many people as I can to get sales going or simply to keep the business name in their head when people think of a particular product that they plan on buying. This project was simply to be geared towards information regarding to sales but still staying true to their community approach to their audience with milestones and celebrations.

Profile Picture / AVI


Starting with this project I wanted to get a new profile picture going for the company. It’s the first thing that’s going to be seen when users search in the search bar to find the company, so having a good profile picture is very important.

Starting with the first row, I stuck with the company’s color codes and typography. I didn’t want to do any rebranding due to the fact that Carmax has been around since the 90s so they’re well established with their type and color. I made various designs that I feel that can still be recognized by users and customers who are familiar with the company. I believe they possess a strong brand recognition by having the ‘CM’ with their color complimenting the logo. You don’t need to spell out ‘Carmax’ for people to know who they are; old and new generations are and will be familiar with the company throughout the course of time.

Research + Trends


At the time when I was researching the most used social media platforms and also studying where the market of “putting out content” was headed, I sought out to design for Instagram, Facebook and Youtube. Living in a world where people want to be fed content and pleased instantly, Youtube has become integrated into our daily lives where we’re spending more time watching videos rather than watching tv.

While working at Freeland Auto in Nashville under the Marketing Director, I was learning things about Facebook Ad Manager and getting more familiar with analytics. I’m knowledgable of analytics, but I had to get to the level where I can demonstrate it for meetings and quarter meetings. Knowing a lot about marketing, I quickly applied that knowledge and similar information from college to my designs. I looked at my target audience and merged that with the social media trends while also seeing where you can the most traction out of. That’s why I chose the three social media platforms for this project at the time.

Mind Behind the Designs